Vanessa Miracle and Ry Hyori Dermawan: A Dynamic Duo Championing Equal Education with EMBRACE Youth

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EMBRACE Youth International is a charity dedicated to improving access to equal education (Image credit: EMBRACE Youth International).

In a world where the pursuit of equal education remains a paramount goal, the alliance between EMBRACE Youth International and Indonesian youth icons Vanessa Miracle Andreas Putri and Ry Hyori Dermawan signifies a monumental step toward positive change. This dynamic duo, each with their unique talents and passions, has embraced the role of ambassadors for EMBRACE Youth in 2023. As advocates for equal access to education, their involvement is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless young individuals around the world.

EMBRACE Youth: Advocates for Equal Education

EMBRACE Youth International stands at the forefront of the global movement advocating for equal access to education. This youth-led organization, with a presence in 20 countries, has been recognized with The Diana Award 2023 for its unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers to education. The organization’s vision aligns with the belief that education is a fundamental right that should be accessible to every child, regardless of their background.

Vanessa Miracle Andreas Putri: Beauty, Culture, and Education

Vanessa Miracle Andreas Putri, known as Puteri Anak Indonesia Pariwisata, radiates the beauty and cultural richness of Indonesia. Beyond her royal title, Vanessa is a force of creativity, with a passion for makeup artistry and modeling. Her journey takes a philanthropic turn with the founding of BesarRasa, a movement dedicated to educating young children in Indonesia about their history.

Vanessa’s involvement with EMBRACE Youth amplifies her commitment to empowering the youth through education. By leveraging her influence and passion, she brings attention to the importance of providing quality education to all, irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds. Vanessa’s multifaceted talents make her an inspiring figure for young minds, showcasing that beauty, culture, and education can harmoniously coexist and drive positive change.

Ry Hyori Dermawan: A Melody of Advocacy for Social Issues

Ry Hyori Dermawan, a celebrated singer, has enchanted audiences on prestigious stages such as Panggung Dubi and Indonesia’s Got Talent. Her musical prowess has earned her accolades in international competitions, including victories in WCOPA in the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Italy. As Puteri Anak Indonesia Budaya 2023, Ry Hyori recognizes the power of her platform to address pressing social issues, particularly among the younger generation.

Ry Hyori’s dual commitment to music and advocacy for social issues dovetails seamlessly with EMBRACE Youth’s mission. Through her participation as an ambassador, Ry Hyori aims to inspire youth globally to not only pursue their artistic passions but also use their platforms to drive positive change. Her journey exemplifies the transformative potential of combining artistic expression with a commitment to social impact.

Advocating for Equal Education: The Impact of Vanessa and Ry Hyori’s Involvement

Vanessa Miracle and Ry Hyori’s roles as Youth Ambassadors for EMBRACE Youth are more than symbolic; they represent a powerful force for change. By aligning themselves with an organization dedicated to equal education, these youth icons can leverage their influence to raise awareness about the barriers hindering education worldwide. Their diverse talents and backgrounds create a resonant message that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, encouraging young individuals to become advocates for change in their own communities.

Quotes from Ryan Joseph, Founder of EMBRACE Youth:

Ryan Joseph, the visionary founder of EMBRACE Youth, expresses the organization’s excitement: “Our team is thrilled to have them as our Youth Ambassadors. We believe that their involvement can further our mission to raise awareness and take action for equal education.”

In the convergence of beauty, culture, music, and advocacy, Vanessa Miracle Andreas Putri and Ry Hyori Dermawan emerge as beacons of hope for the global youth. Their partnership with EMBRACE Youth amplifies the organization’s mission to break down barriers to education, inspiring young minds to believe in the transformative power of knowledge. As these dynamic ambassadors embark on this journey, their collective impact is poised to resonate far beyond borders, creating a ripple effect that paves the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

Written by Shi Ka Li

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