Our Team

The Sunday Diplomat is a student-run news site staffed by a new generation of political thinkers. We hope you find our work informing, enlightening, and entertaining. Meet the team!

Management Department

Si Kai Feng 🇬🇧

Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Aanya Shah 🇺🇸

Executive Editor

Zhuangyan Shi 🇨🇳

Head of Policy Research

Cassie Zheng 🇨🇳


Editing Department

Elda Abera 🇺🇸

Section Editor

Darmaris Ferrer 🇺🇸

Section Editor

Colin Chan 🇬🇧

Section Editor

Artus Oury 🇫🇷

Section Editor

Writing Department

Vincent Kikano 🇱🇧

Lead Writer

Ava LeFevre 🇺🇸

Section Writer for the World

Kevin Han 🇨🇳

Section Writer for the United States

Imane Moumen 🇲🇦

Section Writer for Europe

Monica Alomba 🇺🇸

Section Writer for the Asia-Pacific

Emily Ulloa 🇪🇨

Section Writer for the Americas

Arash Moaref 🇮🇷

Section Writer for the Middle East

Gathieri Kahuko 🇰🇪

Section Writer for Africa

Sarp Basaran 🇬🇧

Section Writer for Economics

Pacey Qi 🇨🇳

Section Writer for Govt & Politics

Zongping Cui 🇬🇧

Section Writer for History

Milanni Contreras 🇺🇸

Section Writer for Technology

Shi Ka Li 🇯🇵

Section Writer for the Climate

Johannes Kuehn von Burgsdorff 🇩🇪

Section Writer for the Law

Divya Saha 🇺🇸

Section Writer for War & Conflict, Society & Culture

Margaret Djamongue 🇺🇸

Deputy Writer for Technology

Policy Research Department

Seth Jessoo Kang 🇰🇷

Director of Policy Research

Shujia Zhang 🇨🇳

Policy Researcher

Leah del Fierro 🇵🇹

Policy Researcher

Erica Li 🇯🇵

Policy Researcher

Weifeng Xu 🇨🇳

Policy Researcher

Hyeeun Lee 🇰🇷

Policy Researcher

Jaxon Xie 🇨🇦

Policy Researcher

Yingbo Wang 🇨🇳

Policy Researcher

Lora Kateva 🇧🇬

Policy Researcher

Kaisen Jin 🇨🇳

Policy Researcher

Supporting Departments

Julius Chandler 🇳🇿

Head of Technology

Avinash Kumar 🇱🇰

Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Officer

In addition to the senior staff, The Sunday Diplomat is supported by an amazing team of junior writers and editors. Their names are present at the end of articles they have contributed in.