Luxon’s Rise From Businessman to Prime Minister: A New Era for New Zealand

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With 40% of votes already secured, Christopher Luxton will be New Zealand’s next prime minister (Image credit: Sky News).

Conservative politician and former businessman Christopher Luxton will become New Zealand’s newest prime minister, following a decisive election victory. His new conservative center-right National Party will form the new government, which comes after six previous years of a liberal government, led by Jacinda Ardern.

While the votes are still being counted, Luxon has secured 40% of the votes, enough to establish him and his Party as the new government. Following his decisive win, Christopher Luxon thanked the people for electing him at an event in Auckland, while stating that he was humbled by this victory, and was looking forward to starting working as New Zealand’s prime minister. “You have reached for hope and you have voted for change,” he said.

“On the numbers tonight National will be in the position to lead the next government,” Luxon told his supporters. “We will make this an even better country,” he said, while also doubling down on his promise to get New Zealand “back on track”.

Former Prime Minister Chris Hipkins had been Prime Minister for nine months after taking over Prime Minister Arden in January and stated that he had called Luxon to concede. He was a former education minister and had led the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hipkins and his Labour Party only managed to win roughly 25% of the vote, compared to the 40% Luxon and his National Party managed to receive. Hipkins Labour Party is being further threatened, as it may lose Ardern’s old electorate seat in Mount Albert. Nanaia Mahuta, the Foreign Minister, has also lost her constituency seat, meaning she will not be returning back to the parliament.

Among the promises Luxon has made, he has promised to cut taxes for middle-income earners and to handle inflation. He has also promised free dental care for anyone younger than 30, and to remove sale taxes on fruits and vegetables. One of Luxon’s biggest promises has been to crack down on crime and gangs. 

“I’ve gotta tell you, crime is out of control in this country,” Luxon said to a crowd in Wellington earlier in the week. “And we are going to restore law and order, and we are going to restore personal responsibility.”

Written by Kevin Han

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