Letter From the Editors

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As the one-year mark for The Sunday Diplomat approaches, we want to take a moment to appreciate every pillar of this publication, starting with our writers.

The 50+ writers of The Sunday Diplomat are incredibly committed: they send in thoroughly researched articles, from the environment to politics to personal reports based on their global situation. The global diversity of our writers means that The Sunday Diplomat offers something that many publications cannot— a unique, personal, student-oriented view of the world. With our team of student writers, we see how issues in our world today affect the younger generation. With the promotion of unbiased reporting while also striving for truth and a personal touch, The Sunday Diplomat offers a new type of journalism, which would not be possible without our writers.

Our team of qualified and hardworking editors ensures that articles are published to the utmost quality, as the publication strives for the best material possible. They work behind the scenes and in collaboration to not only fine-tune the articles they receive, but to provide writers with lasting feedback that helps them for their new articles. Their dedication goes beyond the confines of the virtual newsroom, as they strive to create an environment where creativity and authenticity thrive. It is through their collective expertise that we are able to present a nuanced and well-rounded perspective on global issues.

Last but not least, our readers are the most important part of The Sunday Diplomat’s success over the last year. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our readers for their unwavering support, constructive feedback, and the enthusiasm with which they embrace the stories we present. Your curiosity fuels our passion for delivering content that resonates with you, providing perspectives that provoke thought and encourage meaningful conversations. At The Sunday Diplomat, we view our readers as active participants in the storytelling process. Your insights and diverse viewpoints inspire us to explore new horizons and delve into topics that matter to you. As we mark this one-year milestone, we celebrate not only the growth of our publication, but also the community we’ve built together. It is your commitment to staying informed and engaged that propels us forward, and we invite you to continue being an integral part of our journey.

Looking ahead, The Sunday Diplomat is committed to evolving and expanding our reach, delving deeper into pressing issues, and providing a platform for diverse voices. We extend our gratitude to our readers for their continued support, and we invite everyone to join us in celebrating this milestone. The journey of The Sunday Diplomat is a collective effort, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting chapters that lie ahead for this publication Thank you for being an integral part of this journey, and here’s to many more years of thought-provoking journalism.

Written by Aanya Shah and Si Kai Feng

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