Alien Life Walk Among Us, US Whistleblower Claims

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David Grusch testifying on findings from UFO crash sites to the US Congress (Image Credit: AFP)

Three former military officials came forward to Congress to testify that the US government has been hiding information from the public pertaining to the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on Wednesday. During this hearing, sightings and the possession of “nonhuman” biological matter were alleged, worrying lawmakers concerned about its impact on national security.

While the federal government has been accused of concealing key information from the public, no solid evidence has been provided to support these allegations. The Pentagon has rebutted these UFO sightings as merely wrongly labeled balloons, drones, or commercial airliners. In contrast, former U.S intelligence official David Grusch has stated that he was “absolutely certain” that the government is in possession of UAPs due to the “multi-decade” Pentagon program that has been used to cover up any effort to collect and investigate crashed UAPs through reverse engineering.

When questioned by Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla. on the structure and funding of the program, Grusch claimed that he had “specific knowledge” on the money used from a budget that is “set to go to a program but doesn’t and it goes to something else.” After this panel, lawmakers and witnesses established the necessity and responsibility of creating a “safe and transparent reporting process” by the federal government even if there was “no credible evidence.” Many continue to fear the stigma associated with silencing officials who are questioned on the possibility of UFOs as they’re afraid of experiencing “professional repercussions”, leading to the continued obscurity that distracts the public.

Written by Damaris Ferrer

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